Pacific HELPS has formed Faith Christian Academy to educate the children of Micronesia in a safe and godly environment where they will obtain a quality education and learn key Truths to prepare them for life’s journey ahead.

We are pleased to announce the formation of Faith Christian Academy (FCA), a 1st – 12th grade Christian school serving the children of Micronesia.  FCA offers a solid academic education while encouraging spiritual growth through Christian service.  Many of the teachers at Faith Christian Academy are native Micronesians who studied at Harvest Baptist Bible College and have returned to Micronesia to teach the next generation of their people.

FCA is located on the island of Yap, one of the four main islands comprising the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).  The school was founded by Paul Zimmer to serve the people of Yap and the many children that inhabit the outer islands of Yap.  In March, 2015, Typhoon Maysak destroyed the schools that educated children living on the Ulithi Atoll, the main group of outer islands closest to Yap.  As a result, the children who regularly attended school in Ulithi were forced to travel to Yap for their education.  This influx of children to the island of Yap has strained the education system which was designed to accommodate Yapese children.  FCA offers the opportunity for Yapese and outer islanders alike to experience a Christ-centered educational environment with academic standards that meet or exceed those adopted by the FSM.

FCA has obtained its private school charter from the FSM government and opened its doors on September 5, 2016 with 63 students.  Your donations to date have allowed FCA to construct a school building and equip it with state of the art equipment. While much has been done, FCA is still in need of furniture, equipment and supplies to meet its goal of providing these children with a quality education.

The children and teachers of FCA need your help!  While the tuition is minimal compared to western standards, it can be a significant financial burden to the families of these students.  Your donation of just $1.00 per day, through FCA’s Adopt-A-Student program, will enable a child to obtain a Christ-centered education at FCA.  You can also fund a teacher through FCA’s Adopt-A-Teacher program for as little as $100 per month.