Clean water is essential for life but scarce on the remote islands of Micronesia. Pacific HELPS is installing a water purification and delivery system at the school on the island of Falalop to bring clean water to the island’s children.  

The beautiful island of Falalop is the center of early childhood education for children living in the Ulithi Atol.   Young children travel many miles over the vast Pacific Ocean to attend school at the Early Childhood Education Building provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Head Start program.  Despite being surrounded by a vast ocean, the children of Falalop do not have access to clean drinking water.  We will bring clean drinking water to these children by installing a water purification and delivery system.

Collecting water

Currently, rain water is collected in a 12,000-gallon cistern located on top of the school building.  This cistern is open to the environment and quickly becomes contaminated with bacteria.  Because there is no purification system, children become ill with dysentery, which left untreated, can be life threatening.  We are installing a water filtration system and pressurized pump at the school to deliver purified water that is safe for consumption.

Our organization will install a solar array on the school building that will power a pressurized pump to deliver pure water to the school’s kitchen.  Water from the rooftop cistern will be pumped through a filtration system to remove impurities.  Access to clean water will significantly reduce the occurrence of illness among the children allowing them to thrive in their learning environment.

In addition to providing power for the pump, the solar array will provide electricity to the entire school building allowing teachers and students to utilize technology currently unavailable to them.  Access to technology in their learning environment will better prepare these students for life in a digital world.

We have obtained authorization for this project from the chief of Falalop Island and are currently raising $25,000.00 that will be needed to install the water purification and delivery system.