Who we are

Pacific HELPS was formed to minister to the needs of people in developing countries in the Pacific through improvements in health care, education, life skills, pure water, and solar and other renewable energies.

Paul Zimmer, a missionary serving on the island of Yap, Micronesia, is the founding member of Pacific HELPS.  Since 2001, Paul has ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of Micronesians and believes that much can be done to help those living on the 2,000 islands comprising the Federated States of Micronesia.  Paul has chosen to focus on the areas of Healthcare, Education, Life Skills, Pure Water, and Solar and other renewable energies to help Micronesians.


Healthcare:  We organize and lead medical mission trips to the outer islands of Yap in an effort to improve access to healthcare.  Islanders receive medical care that otherwise would only be available if they could afford to wait several months and travel thousands of miles to a hospital.


Education:  Paul Zimmer has established Faith Christian Academy (FCA) on the island of Yap to serve Yapese and outer island children.  FCA’s mission is to educate children in a safe and godly environment where they will learn key Truths to prepare them for life's journey ahead.


Life Skills:  Our organization seeks to train native islanders to provide valuable services to their families and community.  We have trained several national pastors to minister to the spiritual needs of the communities in which they live.  Additionally, we are developing a tutor program to train islanders in a vocation and equip them with the tools to provide a service to their community.


Pure Water:  We purchase and install water purification and delivery systems for the people of Micronesia.  Although surrounded by vast oceans, pure water is a scare resource for islanders.  Water purification reduces disease and improves the overall health of the community.


Solar and other renewable energies:  By installing solar panels on the roofs of outer island elementary schools, we bring electricity to these facilities improving the quality of education.  Children are now able to utilize electronic equipment in their learning experience better preparing them for a vocation in today’s world.  In addition, the electricity is used to power water purification and delivery systems on the islands.

We are excited at what our organization has already accomplished with your donations.  We look forward to undertaking many more projects that minister to the physical and spiritual needs of people living in developing countries in the Pacific.

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