Pacific HELPS

Changing Lives In The Pacific

Making a difference

We minister to the people of the Pacific islands through initiatives designed to meet real needs in our five focus areas. Every project featured here needs your support. Learn how you can help make them a success!

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Life Skills
  • Pure Water
  • Solar

Faith Christian Academy

Pacific HELPS has formed Faith Christian Academy to educate the children of Micronesia in a safe and godly environment where they will obtain a quality education and learn key Truths to prepare them for life’s journey ahead.

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Clean Water for Kids

Clean water is essential for life but scarce on the remote islands of Micronesia. Pacific HELPS is installing a water purification and delivery system at the school on the island of Falalop to bring clean water to the island’s children.  

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Who we are

Pacific HELPS was formed to minister to the needs of people in developing countries in the Pacific through improvements in health care, education, life skills, pure water, and solar and other renewable energies.